Custom Audiences - Retargeting with Ads

Custom Audiences

Custom audiences are custom segments of people that you can target with ads on your ads platforms. Each Ads platform, like Facebook or Google Adwords has their own terminology and way of building custom audiences, so it's best you start reading up on the Help Pages of each platform if you'd like to make the best use of this feature.

On all ads platforms, you have the option to target your ads to specific custom audiences or to everybody. Sometimes, targeting custom audiences is cheaper than just targeting 'the whole world' because the Ad platforms don't have to work so hard to find them. helps you use custom audiences for retargeting. This normally means - retargeting people with ads who have already clicked to your page. This is quite effective because you're sending your ads to people who have already been acquainted with you in some way before. The magic with is that you can retarget anyone who clicked on any of your links. 

Here's an example:

You are a coffee company, and you share a link to an article about coffee on your Facebook page. This link is shortened with's Ad Pixels.
A follower, John, clicks on your link to the article about coffee. When he clicked on the link, you saved his Visitor ID to your Facebook custom audience.
Now you activate an ad to your company to this custom audience, and John starts receiving ads from your company.

How to Create Custom Audiences in

1. Activate the Ad Pixel for all the Ad platforms you advertise with
2. Share content from, everyone who clicks will join your custom audience
3. Activate Ads to your custom audience, more on how to do this below

Learn more...

Read up on what this means for you and the Ads platforms you use, below. Note that each Ads Platform has it's own terminology and set-up.

Custom Audiences on Facebook & Instagram

'Tailored Audiences' on Twitter'Adwords Audience' on Google Adwords

'Matched Audiences' on Linkedin

'Audience Targeting' on Pinterest

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