Website Analytics

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Install code to your website to be able to track conversions from social content, and be able to see if they reached your website, who they are, and if they made a purchase.

1. Basic Tracking Code (Must)

By adding's basic tracking code, will enable you to track website visits from content you share, and give visibility to which individual users converted.

What this really means: If you share a post on Twitter, and 15 people click and reach your website, you'll be able to see that due to that social post, you got 15 website visits in

2. Custom Identifiers (Suggested)

Add this code, and for every customer who converts, you’ll be able to see identifying data about them from within For example, email, twitter handle, name, and more.

What this really means: If someone signs up for your product or makes a purchase, and they came from one of your social posts, you'll be able to see their data in For example, that created an account after clicking on one of your social posts.

3. Track Custom Goals in (Suggested)

You’ll be able to see when a user upgrades, makes a purchase, or reaches any other milestone goal, and even be able to see the source content it came from. This will help you optimize the widget and content to reach your goals.

What this really means: If you share a post on Twitter, that leads to $100 in sales, you'll be able to know it came from that post.

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