Where to find my Pixel IDs

1. What is Ads Retargeting?

Use smart tracking pixels in your social media links, to be able to retarget your website visitors through ads on any platform! This is done by creating a custom audience, to target your Ads to people who have visited your website or links and retarget to people who already showed an interest in your products. It all starts with adding the Pixel IDs for every Ads platform you use, to create these custom audiences from all social networks you share to. This can lower your Cost Per Click, and create a higher conversion for people who click on your Ads, as they've already clicked on you before. Retargeting is important because it helps you show the right ads to the right people.

For example: if you add your Facebook pixel ID and connect it with your Twitter and Facebook accounts in Commun.it, anyone who clicks on links shared to your accounts will be saved to your custom audience for Facebook Ads retargeting.

Good to know: Adding pixels to your links is invisible, your followers will not be able to see this, and the tweets or posts will not look any different. This step is most important if you use Ads on any platform. You'll be able to see the results when your custom audience grows, more on this below.

2. Find your Pixel ID and paste it in Commun.it 

To add your first Pixel to Commun.it, please fill the following fields:

  • Pixel Name - Give your pixel a name, so it's easy to remember. No one can see this but you.
  • Pixel ID - Find the relevant Pixel ID for the network you'd like to add, and paste it here. Instructions on where to find each Pixel ID is below.
  • Choose Pixel Type - Commun.it currently supports 6 Ads Platforms, make sure to choose the right one for your Pixel ID or else the Pixel will not collect the right data. 
  • Choose Profiles - Choose which profiles you want this pixel to be added to. For example, if you have multiple social profiles with different Ads and topics, you'll want to separate your pixels by social profile.

How to find your Pixel ID for every network:

Find Your Facebook / Instagram Pixel ID
Find your Twitter Pixel ID
Find your Google Adwords Pixel ID
Find your Pinterest Pixel ID
Find your Linkedin Pixel ID

3. What happens next?

From now on- each link you share will be shortened with your Ads pixel. This way, each person who clicks on your links is added to the respective custom audiences (more on that below). Shortened links look like this: cmun.it/3208rew and are what enable us to ad your pixels to the links you share. Your followers or customers won't tell the difference between a regular link and a shortened link, unless you have the Repost feature active.

4. Retargeting your custom audiences

Read more about building Custom audiences and how to create your own, here.