Getting Started with Instagram

Get Started with Instagram &


When you login to, you’ll be presented with the Home dashboard. Here you can see what actions you need to take to grow your community at a glance. You’ll notice that the dashboard is divided into different sections including Like Top Posts; New Followers and Consider to Follow among others. We recommend spending time on your dashboard on a daily basis, to keep growing your community every day, and to keep up on notifications from your community. Keep in mind that the recommendations we make are just suggestions! It’s up to you to decide whether or not to perform a specific action, like following or unfollowing someone. This dashboard is here to save you time and make managing your community easier, by giving you a daily task list of actions to perform and refer to.

My Community

For an in-depth understanding of what’s happening in your community, there’s the Community Dashboard. Here you’ll get a better sense of who your followers are, with the High Value Members tab, and get suggestions on who to follow and unfollow. Use the menu on the left to explore all your notifications, and find intelligent suggestions. This dashboard goes beyond basic community management and gives you an understanding of your community members and what actions need to be taken next to achieve your social media goals. 


The Analytics dashboard gives you in-depth insight into your social media community and how it’s growing. By monitoring these analytics carefully, you’ll have a good sense of what actions you need to take to boost engagement and reach your social media goals. The Activity Report gives you an overview of all your incoming and outgoing activity.

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You can also check out our User Guide for more details on getting started.