What do Blacklist and Whitelist mean?

What do Blacklist and Whitelist mean?

Commun.it offers you intelligent suggestions to follow or unfollow people based on your relationship, mutual interests and their activity. Sometimes, we may suggest you unfollow a celebrity or a close friend. This may be because you don’t engage with this person often, or because they are inactive on Twitter. If you don’t want to see this Commun.it suggestion any longer, you can put this person on your Whitelist, which keeps them safe from future unfollow suggestions. In the opposite case, we may suggest that you unfollow someone you simply don’t want to follow. These can be influencers, who just don’t share content you care for. To hide follow suggestions for this person, put them on your Blacklist.

Your Whitelist and Blacklist are private, no one can see them but you. This is not permanent, you can manage your Blacklist and Whitelist in the Groups section of the Community tab.

Whitelist - Don’t suggest I unfollow this person anymore.

Blacklist - Don’t suggest I follow this person anymore.

What does block mean?

If you no longer want to see someone in your Commun.it dashboard, you may block them. Don’t worry, this person will not be notified. Moreover, this action will not block the person on Twitter, and they will still be able to contact you through Twitter, they simply will not appear on your Commun.it dashboard any longer. You can manage your Blocked list in the Groups section of the Community tab.