Help! I can’t get my Recurring Posts to work!

One of few things may be happening:
  • Your message may be paused, go to the Schedule tab and click Recurring Posts to see that the post says "Scheduled" and not "Paused"
  • You may have disabled messages in the Settings page, click on Settings from the dropdown in the top right corner to fix this. Make sure the box that says "Do not send scheduled messages from my account" is not checked
  • You may have run out of people to send it to. Recurring posts that are sent to a target audience, like Top Influencers or Top Retweeters, for example, are sent to new people from your community every day. If you haven't had any Retweets this week, there will be no Top Retweeters to thank, for example.
  • If the problem persists, Contact Us, and we'll help sort out the issue with you.