How do I edit or pause my Recurring Posts?

To Pause: 

Here are the steps for pausing automatic tweets, or what we call "Weekly Scheduled Messages".  

1. Click on the Schedule tab in the header 

2. In the sidebar, click on Recurring Campaigns

3. Check which Recurring Messages you would like to pause, and click on the arrow, located on the right-hand side of each Recurring Post.

4. From the dropdown menu, you can click on Pause to stop the message from going out. 

5. You can also click Schedule to set a Recurring Post to live.

To Edit: 

To edit a automatic tweet, click on the title of a Weekly Scheduled Message you would like to edit. From there, you can personalize the message and more.

  • Name - Name your campaign any name you like. We suggest names that will clarify which campaign it is and what days it is sent.
  • Sent - Choose on which days to send you recurring post.
  • From - Choose the account from which the tweet will be posted.
  • Tweet - Edit your tweet. You can add a stats image to it by checking the "Add my weekly stats image" checkbox.
  • Save and close.