What is Commun.it, and what can it do for me?

Commun.it is a social media management and intelligence platform that is here to change the way professionals, small business owners, and large companies approach social media. Instead of focusing exclusively on engagement, Commun.it is here to help companies leverage their social media as a powerful performance marketing solution.

A few of the things you can do with Commun.it:

  • Save time - Each action you do with Commun.it would probably take you double the time in Twitter. From finding follow and unfollow suggestions, schedule posts and finding leads, you'll save multiple hours per day and even amplify your results.
  • Learn about your community - Commun.it intelligently analyzes your community, to help you target your High Value Members. These are your influencers, supporters and engaged members. This way you can stay updated on them and keep them engaged with you.
  • Relationship history - In one click, see your entire relationship history with a person, to remember at a glance who they are and what you last spoke about.
  • Grow your community - Commun.it's follow suggestions and unfollow suggestions help you strategically grow your following, and unfollow members that are no longer relevant, so that you can have as many followers as possible, while following as little as possible.
  • Analyze your posts and see what works - With the Sent Post Analytics page under the Schedule tab, you can see which of your posts across all of your accounts are performing the best, so you can learn for the next ones! 
  • Manage multiple profiles at once - Easily switch between your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts so that you can easily see what's going on in all of them at once. 
  • See your Twitter feed, live - In the Streams tab you can see your Twitter feed live, and even see a feed of just your New followers, influencers, supporters or engaged members.
  • Find leads - Type in keywords that interest you or your business, and Commun.it will find you new leads to follow and interact with.
  • Social listening - Track specific brand keywords or hashtags on the web, as well as any links related to you, so you can stay updated if anyone on Twitter mentions you or shares a link related to you. Effortlessly find out what people are saying about your brand on the web, and be updated if anyone shares a link to your blog or product.
  • Schedule posts - Easily schedule any tweet, retweet, reply, post, or DM, to Facebook or Twitter. Sharing to multiple profiles at once is easy, and choose from our intelligent Best Time feature or set a Custom Time for your post to go out. With Commun.it you can plan an entire week of posts in about an hour.
  • Track your growth - With the Analytics tab, you can see how much you've grown over the last week, last month, or more. See how effective you are and how much your engagement has grown.
  • Share profiles with team members - Share access to profiles with a colleague, boss, or client, so you can manage the profiles together.
  • And more - Sign up today and see how Commun.it changes your Social media management flow!